Price: £150 (inc VAT) - £450 (inc VAT), depending on size of property.

An Inventory is a thorough check and recording of all items in the property. It shows what is new, what is old, which furnishings have been provided and keeps a log of gas, electric and water meters.

It is important that you get an inventory check done when your tenant moves in. Ideally this will be at the same time as they are actually moving in, so they are present for the inspection. You will need this report when the tenancy comes to an end, as it will help you determine how much deposit you should return.

Without an inventory, you hold no ground to keep any part of the deposit, should there be any damages.

Check in and Check Out inventories are inclusive of our Full Management Service and Let Only Services.

Please contact us should you wish to take out a check in or check out service.